Monday, May 21, 2012

The Trinity Icon

Trinty Icon - Andre Rublev, by Sue Orchison 2012
This is my attempt at writing the Trinity Icon written by Rublev C1400s.

I am currently working on the Trinity Icon - based on the magnificent Icon of Andre Rublev.

 I commenced writing this Icon six years ago. In the six years following I have written several other Icons, had breast cancer, become a grandmother, gone to the Canonisation of Mary of the Cross MacKillop etc, etc I have enjoyed writing this Icon. When I started I thought it would be a good learning Icon - I would learn from the Master.
I have chosen not to hurry which has given me a great sence of freedom - no pressure - it does not matter how long it takes. 
 Every stroke has been accompanied by decisions - what was Rublev trying to say, how did he portray the robes, the hands, the back ground, the mountain, the tree? Each area of the original is worn and so I needed to look at what other Iconographers had done to interpret the work and choose what I would do.
I loved researching the tree of Mamre - - has a wonderful photo of the Tree of Mamre - do have a look it is amazing - considering how old it is. 
I am still challenged with the chalice -  what is the symbol in side? Icons are written portraying a  bullock, or a calf, or a fish - I am not sure what I want to express in my interpretation.  Another query is how much gold would Rublev have used. My reconning - at the moment - is that he would not have used very much as it would not have been available at the time. If I use too much it will distract the eye from the three persons on the Blessed Trinity.

Coffee at the National Library Canberra

The National Library in Canberra is a fabulous place for lunches or just coffee and cake.

The View from the Terrace at the National Library Canberra is breath taking.
I think it is one of Canberras best eating venues.
Inside or out it is beautiful.
The exhibitions at the Library are marvellous also. It is well worth a visit.
Drop in for a cuppa to test it and I am sure you will include it in your regular eating spots.