Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayer a Conversation with God

All our acts of prayer are the natural flow of our relationship with and love for God.
Prayer and indeed all we do forms part of our response to God’s call.
In this world of high pressures, many of us are looking to take time out to look inside ourselves and discover another meaning to our lives.
In relationships we need to put in the hard yards, as in a marriage, to live the mundane routine of the day to behold the beauty of the special moments.
We need to set ourselves time to pray, to be in relationship with God, to Listen to God’s voice for us.
I love this quote:-
When we pray asking for something, the main focus is on the conversation,
not on whether we receive or not.
As we are in conversation in our daily lives with others so we are with God.  It is not a supply and demand relationship.
It is a relationship of love not manipulation.
Being in right relationship with each other

Novena through St Mary of the Cross MacKillop


For: ...................

The Novena will commence on ________________
and conclude on _______________

A novenea is a prayer repeated for nine consecutive days, or once a week for nine weeks. It can be prayed by individuals or groups. A Statement of Faith should precede the saying of the prayer each time.

The following is an example of such a statement of faith:

We believe in God’s everlasting love for all
and through faith and great confidence in that love
our petition will be granted.
Therefore, in the desire to promote
God’s greater honour and glory,
we pray, through the intercession of St Mary of the Cross,
for (insert name)'s recovery.

The statement of faith is followed by this prayer:

Most loving God,
we thank you for the example of
St Mary of the Cross,
who, in her living of the gospel,
witnessed to the human dignity of each person.
She faced life’s challenges with faith and courage.
We pray, through her intercession, for our need –
(insert name)'s return to good health.

We make this prayer through Jesus, the Lord.