Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Women’s Breakfast 5th June at Harden/Murrumburrah with Sue and Leo Kane

Women’s Breakfast 5th June at Harden/Murrumburrah NSW
Sue Kane co author of The Little Brown Book, about St Mary MacKillop
Guest speakers - Sue and Leo Kane authors of ‘The Little Brown Book’

The guests are the authors of - The Little Brown Book, Sue and Leo Kane. The book, delicately illustrated by Sr Helen Barnes RSJ who is artist in residence at Galong, with symbols of Mary's experiences, makes access to Mary's spirituality possible. The book is meant for any one who wants to know more about Mary MacKillop. They explore her personality and spirituality and what she could mean for each of us. The authors endeavour to show the reader how to make her words relevant as we live the Gospel in today’s world.
Jean Shea arranged a delicious Women’s Breakfast for 53 women from the Harden/Murrumburrah community at the CWL centre Whichcraft in Murrumburrah.
Jean welcomed the women of the district and quoted St Mary of the Cross MacKillop ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’. Jean said to the women present – this is for all of you ladies as a big thank you, for all you do in visiting the sick and caring for the community and responding to each need you come across. Country women do extraordinary things in a quiet way. Like Mary, generously and quietly go the extra mile.

Leo, Di, Janice, Lorraine, Mary-Anne, Gemma, Chris, Barbara, Jean, Sue

When invited to come to speak at Harden/Murrumburrah Sue said to her husband Leo, "these people are the salt of the earth – this is Mary MacKillop country". Jean had attended a Retreat Day at St Clement's Galong several months ago, led by Sue and Leo who wrote ‘The Little Brown Book’, and was inspired by their wisdom and gentle caring natures. Sue said Mary MacKillop was an Aussie battler, a saint of the ordinary people.
 “I long at times for quiet” Mary MacKillop wrote, "we all need time out to think about what is important to us.”  It is not a luxury; we need time out to look after our own needs. Mary practised this and knew her own needs and took time out to restock.
Mary’s passion was to bring opportunity to those who needed help. She said, "the good of Australian children is alone what we seek" (1873).
She set up schools, homes for orphans and Provinces – homes for unmarried mothers. Each person was shown utmost respect.
Sue and Leo told many stories of the life of Mary MacKillop and how she lived her life with love and passion. Sue told a story of Mary going to a wild prisoner on death row. He was uncontrollable. But Mary showed him respect and spoke with him gently, with love. He became settled and quietened, then spoke with her for some time. If she had been permitted she would have stood with him on the gallows. She saw a need and did something about it. She trusted the providence of God throughout her life.
We are all but travellers on the road. We need each other on the journey supporting each other.
It was a beautiful morning of fellowship, fun and friendship. It was time to have a cuppa with God.
Thanks Jean.