Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walk and Talk - 15 May - 2-3pm wherever you are in the world

On their way to the Emmaus two people talked about all the bad news that seemed to have happened.
Their hopes seemed to have been dashed.
Yet as they walked and talked Jesus came to be with them.
He helped them to see their lives in a new way. The scriptures sprang to life and they rushed to share their joy.

On 15th May wherever you are in the world you can Walk and Talk as well between 2 and 3pm. How can you share hope with another and take action?

1. Find a friend to walk with
2. Register on
3. Walk and Talk on 15th May between 2pm and 3pm
4. Share the conversation, photos and videos on 

On Sunday 15th May at 2.00pm I am joining those around the globe who are going to Walk and Talk-City with a Soul
I like to walk and talk (!!!) so the concept sounded good to me.
If we come up with an action by the end of the walk that sounds fantastic too. Let's give it a go - let's join together and MAKE A DIFFERENCE

As Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop says - We are all but pilgrims.