Thursday, October 14, 2010

More from our audience with the Pope...

Charlotte and Heidi making sure everyone knows the Australians have arrived.

Trinity College students from Goulburn represent their school in uniform - aren't they good!

Spring brides ready for a blessing from the Pope.

Other pilgrims' photos from Tuesday

As I said, Tuesday was a chance for everyone to make their own personal pilgrimages. So while I was in Subiaco, others chose to explore different parts of this beautiful country. Here's a few snaps to show you what some of them were up to.

Kevin joined Archbishop Mark for a tour of the Pantheon.
Kathy and Sr Anne.
A shot taken during Mark and the boys from Trinity College's day in Naples.

Thanks everyone!

Thank you all for your comments. The pilgrims look forward to hearing from you all. They all send their love and so do I. It has been such a wonderful experience and you are all placed on our prayer mat at each prayer time. It would be lovely to be sharing with you personally, but it is great you can be with us in spirit through the images of the blog.

There's regular time and then there's Pope time

Yesterday we attended the general audience with Pope Benedict XVI and discovered the meaning of "Pope time". No matter what time it is, on Wednesday it is always 10am when the Pope arrives - even if he is late it is 10am!!!!!  
Bishop Mark presented the Pope with a book on Mary MacKillop, that was launched at ACU just before we left. 
Here are some of the many shots I got on the day. I'll share more stories and photos soon.

Waiting for the clock to strike 10am "Pope time".
Still waiting...
Bishop Mark at the front of the line handing the book to the Pope.